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"I look upon all the world as my parish..."

Local Library to Exhibit Kleurrijke Banne Photos

In follow up to our recent “Kleurrijke Banne” photo exhibit in de Banne community, the local library has agreed to put the photos from our exhibit on display at the beginning of 2012!  A couple of  photographers from the exhibit approached the library abou this, and they were met with an enthusiastic response.  This will allow us to share the exhibit with a much broader audience in the community!  More info about this to come…

Kleurrijke Banne: Photo Exhibit

On Saturday, November 5th, we hosted a photo exhibit from our photography workshop last month.  Volunteers converted our building, “de Boeier”, in de Banne into a photo gallery, and we invited the community.  We featured the two best photos from each of the participants from the workshop, and each of the participants invited friends to view their photos.

Not only did we enjoy meaningful contact with each of the participants, but we saw each of the photographers come alive as they saw their own photos hung as a large print on the wall!  Many are asking if we will be having another workshop soon.  A couple of the photographers want to organize a photo group that would meet regularly in de Banne, as a way of following up this event.  We are also asking the local library if they would like to put the photos on display for a few weeks.

This was a great way to use photography as a vehicle for relationship, participation, and promoting a positive identity for our neighborhood!

Photo Workshop & Exhibit In de Banne

In collaboration with some photographers from Rafael Amsterdam Noord, we held a photography workshop in de Banne on October 8th.  We had ten participants, with some being walk-ins from the local neighborhood!  The workshop was followed by a photo shoot in de Banne (neighborhood in Amsterdam North) with all of the participants.  The best photos from each participant will be put on display in an exhibit called “Colorful Banne.”  The exhibit will be held in our location in Amsterdam North (in de Banne), and the community will be invited to enjoy the photos.  De Banne often is often associated with a negative stigma of, “Can anything good come from this place?”  While many who live in this neighborhood go elsewhere to enjoy something “worthwhile”, we want to host this exhibit as a way of celebrating the beauty of the community, as well as the local talent who participated.  The exhibit “Colorful Banne: Come and look with us through our lens.” will be held on Saturday evening, November 5th.

RAN Celebrates 25 Years!

Rafael Amsterdam Noord, our church here in Amsterdam, will be celbrating their 25th year this Sunday, October 30th!  After our morning service, we will have an outdoor party in de Banne with good food, games for kids, live music, dance workshops, and a bounce castle!  The whole neighborhood has been invited to share in the joy for a day of celebrating and building relationship.

IJlife Village

As IJburg began it’s summer holiday, we spent three wonderful days together building relationship and creating together with the community!  From July 21-23, IJlife hosted a three day buurtfeest in the Theo van Goghpark.  We celebrated the community together with arts & crafts for children, dance demonstrations & workshops, collaborative “urban art”, face painting and balloons for kids, a live DJ, and a coffee corner providing a relaxed atmosphere to the public.  To make all this possible, we received a team from the Pasadena Foursquare Church (with a DJ, dancers, creatives, and hard workers), two of our dear friends from Kristiansand, Norway, and plenty of able volunteers from Rafael Amsterdam Noord.  It was a successful time of making contact with the community, bringing people together, and getting to know one another.

Throughout the three days, 750 balloon animals were given away, 250 faces and hands were painted, 81 kids crafts were made, 127 people collaborated at the art station, 300 waffles were given out, and 45 children and teens participated in dance!  Around 150 people provided their contact information, expressing interest in future initiatives from IJlife.

On Saturday evening at 19.00, we invited all of the people we had met to come back and celebrate with a finale.  At about 17.00 it began to rain, and we were unsure if we would be able to proceed.  We decided to wait in the rain to see if anyone would come back, and we were overjoyed to see some fantastic IJburgers come out to celebrate – even in the rain!  Kids came back with crafts they had made to compete for prizes.  Many of those who learned dance during the week came to present what they had learned.  We had a fun and lively time celebrating together.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who made these days possible, to all of the wonderful people we met, and to the brave and enthusiastic people who came back in the rain on Saturday!

We now have the opportunity to invite all of the people we met this summer back to the Blue House on IJburg for open cafe nights, creation days, and other initiatives.  Sarah is now beginning the first of our weekly dance classes of the season with children, teens, and parents we met this summer.


Dance Classes in the Blue House on IJburg!

We are working hard to get the Blue House set up, and one of our first activities will be an introductory dance course for teens & kids. Sarah will be joining with her friend, Ruth Boertjens, to teach two courses on hip hop and ballet on June 23rd and 30th. It is exciting to get some activities up and going in the Blue House!

Missioneering 2011 Video

This is the sequel to our first video showing who we are and that we were moving to Amsterdam in 2010. This video highlights our arrival in Amsterdam, and what has happened between May, 2010 and February 2011.

A Convergence of Providence

As we said in our previous post, we have just celebrated one year in Amsterdam, and we have had a pretty amazing adventure along the way.  One year in a new land and culture always marks an important “crossing over” point, but we are amazed at the convergence of events that have taken place within the last few weeks…

1)   We have just made a rental agreement to begin using the Blue House (Het Blauwe Huis) on IJburg!!!  For many who know our story, this building and the group of artists living in it were an inspiration to us when we visited Amsterdam in 2009.  We always thought that this would be a great location to serve as a connect point for people in the community, and to serve the community through artistic expression and friendship.  We thought that maybe “some day” we would be able to use a building like this, but now after one year, that day has come!  Starting June 1st, we will be renting the whole building on a month-to-month basis for only €310 ($440) per month!  We signed the contract today!  This is VERY exciting!

2)   Last Saturday, we just finished our first event for arts & the community called Creation Day.  We collaborated with our friend Birgitta Perton, who has been doing this for some years already in Heemskerk, The Netherlands.  It was a full day of workshops offered to the community in dance, music, drama & stage fencing, rap, and graffiti art.  We met some really fantastic people through this, and had fun inspiring one another to creativity and connection in relationship!

3)   In the words of Morpheus in the second Matrix film (I know it was a let down for some of us, but there are some great quotes), “Everything has happened, has happened exactly as it should…  because we are still here.” We have experienced some “providence in the moment” financially.  At the turn of the year, our financial situation was such that we did not know how we would pay our basic living expenses (rent, groceries, utilities…).  Adam made a trip to the US to connect with friends, family, and churches in the LA area.  He met some very like-minded, missional communities who gave us some wonderful gifts.  Also, he was able to connect at the second Missions Intensive that has been hosted by our sending community at the Pasadena Foursquare Church.  At the intensive, Adam was able to receive from and speak along side some wonderful men and women, including the national leader for Foursquare Sri Lanka, John Henry Nosen (our dear friend whom we partnered with for over 8 years in Norway), one of our missional heroes who has served the middle east for many years, and the new director of Foursquare Missions, Jim Scott.  Adam also had the wonderful opportunity to connect with and serve his brother in law’s church in Ventura, California.  Through the kind and faithful gifts we received from friends in the US and in Europe, tax returns, and government child support from the Netherlands, we will be able to cover our basic living expenses for the remainder of the year.  We are even seeing a general up-turn in the giving to and provision of the Foursquare Missions organization.

4)   We have just received a financial grant from the Foursquare Foundation (together with two other projects in the Netherlands) that will fund our activities & events on IJburg and in de Banne for the next year!  This will enable us to set up two sites: one in the Blue House on IJburg, and another in a building in de Banne in Amsterdam North!

We are overwhelmed with the friendships that have formed, the doors that have opened, and the providence that is all converging at this one year mark in Amsterdam.  A person with a mission must first be transformed by that mission before they can effectively connect others in it.  We are finding that this journey is proving that to be true in our lives in a most intimate and experiential way.


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