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"I look upon all the world as my parish..."

First Doctor Visit!

Had my first doctor visit in this pregnancy. I am 11 weeks along and everything is normal and healthy. I have low blood pressure and low iron, but that´s just normal pregnancy stuff! Almost out of the first trimester and looking forward to having more energy and the tolerance for eating more food. Ah, the joys of being pregnant and having a temperamental tummy. Because I have had 2 children before, the doctor said that I don´t have to come back until about 21 weeks in, which will be after my ultrasound which is around the 20th week. Looking forward to that! Until my next update…


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families and with your church families. The Thursday before Easter we had a Kjærlighetsmåltid, or a dinner together at the church, in which each family brought something to share. Easter week is very often a holiday for many people and they take the opportunity to go to their cabins to relax and to ski before the snow goes away. It was mostly young families who gathered at the church. On Easter morning, we gathered again at the church and ate breakfast together, and Pastor John Henry gave the Easter message. It was good to come together and celebrate Jesus!

Going to Estonia Tomorrow…

large_flag_of_estoniaTomorrow morning I will be flying to Estonia, along with Christoffer Jensen – a friend of mine and one of the leaders in our church in Kristiansand. We will be there to scout out the campsite that we will be using for our regional youth camp this summer. After arriving in Tallin, we will check out the camp site and then head south with Pastor Sven Veedla to his church in Parnu, Estonia. In Parnu, we will join the youth of that church for their meeting on Friday, do some planning for an outreach we will be doing together with the church this summer, and probably eat prodigious ammounts of pizza at Stephanie’s pizzeria in Parnu! On Sunday we will join Pastor Sven at another church in downtown Tallin before we fly back to Norway. Estonia is the land of free internet access, so I will try to post some updates from the road.

Here is a map for the “geographically impaired” so you can see where we are going:

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National Conference in the Netherlands

conferenceEarlier this month, I was invited to attend the national conference for the Foursquare Churches in the Netherlands. This was mainly for the purpose of building relationship with Piet Brinksma, the National Leader, and the National Youth Leaders there. The entire trip was a blessing from start to finish. On the ride over, I sat next to a young Norwegian man who remembered me from the Quart Festival outreaches we have been doing in Kristiansand. He worked at the McDonalds when we had sent teams of youth in to clean the restaraunt for free. As I heard more about him, I learned that he is 22 and is living a very missional life. He travels in Norway and in Europe giving (well researched and educated) talks about creation and archeological evidence surrounding the Exodus of Israel. This guy was bright! Both in mind and in his life. He works hard to finance all of his own travel, and even sometimes to finance other people to come with him. Norwegians have a strong heritage as missionaries, and this guy was no exception.

The conference went extremely well. I was spontaneously invited to share (along side Foursquare’s Missions Director Jonathan Hall) in a workshop about reaching the next generation in Europe and engaging youth in missions. I also spent a delightful 24 hours building a new friendship with Marco and Paulienn DeBruin (National Youth Leaders for Foursquare Netherlands). They are a wonderful family and a terrifically missional couple. We spent some time in down town Breda (near the Belgian border) where they live. I was reading the capstones for graves from the 15 and 1600′s in old Dutch. Amazing to see some of the similarities that the Norwegian and Dutch languages have!

This was a very encouraging and insightful trip. It was great to see the unity and synergy among the 40+ churches in the Netherlands. The Dutch are friendly and sincere people. The cheese is awesome too!

Visit to the States

Hello again! We were traveling over the holidays which is why there have been no blog entries during that time…but we are back in Norway and ready to start again! We stayed with my parents in Pasadena, CA for 5 weeks and had a wonderful time with our church family(Pasadena Foursquare Church), immediate families and friends. It was a good trip to connect with everybody and for my children, Ida and Max, it was a very special time for them to get to know their relatives better! As you see in the picture posted above, they wasted no time feeling like family. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!! Until the next blog entry…

Winnie the Pooh, Jane Austen, and Foursquare Pastors

img_0047What do Winnie the Pooh, Jane Austen, and Foursquare Pastors have in common? A Regional Pastors Conference in England of course!

Shortly after returning from vacation, I flew to Englad to lead worship for and participate in our Regional Pastors Conference in Northwestern Europe. We stayed in an old Enlgish manor not too far from Jane Austen’s home, and the place where Winnie the Pooh was written. We had Foursquare Pastors from Great Britain, Ireland, Estonia, and Norway. We had Dr. Paul Risser, and Pastor Terry Risser from (Foursquare Pastors from the Florence Avenue Church in California, USA) as our guests and main speakers. This was an historical event in that it was the first ever Regional Pastors Conference for this part of Europe. It was a profound time of relationship building, sharing of perspective and mission, worship, as well as receiving very practical and pastoral instruction from our guests. We have the privilege of serving a diverse region with many strong ministers.

Church Around the Dinner Table… Litterally

img_0043While traveling in the greater London area, I had the privilege of meeting (and dining with) Paul and Fran Hendrick in Gilford, England. They have planted a church in their home right around the dinner table. They have opened their lives and their home to students attending the university in the area. They have a large home with many rooms which they open to students. Currently they have five people living in their home with them (4 of which are students). Their church gathers in a very relational way around the dinner table for a Sunday lunch, a Monday night Bible study, and Saturday night worship. For birthdays in the group, they have prayer at the local Starbucks. Fran is a marvelous cook (I and my stomach can attest to that), and it is no wonder how this very caring and hospitable couple attract peopl into their home and their lives. They have been doing this for a little over a year, and in the past year they have a core group of about twenty people – consisting of five different nationalities. They have had a total of eighty-two people attend their gatherings, and have had thirty people in total staying in their home in the past year.

Paul and Fran have been in ministry together for twenty-eight years. What they love about what they are doing now is that they are simply ministering out of “who they are” and truly sharing their lives with people. To board in their home, it is not required that you attend their church gatherings. However, they find that all who stay become curious and tie in relationally with the others around the dinner table. You also do not have to have any religous background or be a professed Christian to be a part of their fellowship. In fact, many who attend aren’t, but they are drawn to the authentic relationship that they find with the others present. In this very relational and hospitable environment, they are drawing people into relationship with eachother and with Christ.

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