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"I look upon all the world as my parish..."

Reflections from Adam on the Estonia Team…

What we immediately noticed this year was the unity between the Kristiansanders and the Pasadena group. Even before we started the bootcamp there was unity. This is from the partnership that has been in Kristiansand. After the bootcamp in Parnu, the Estonians stepped into this as well. By the time we had finished boot camp, all team members were standing shoulder to shoulder without any distinction with a boldness for the week to come. The Estonians who were a part of the bootcamp outnumbered the Americans and Norwegians. By the time we finished bootcamp, we felt as though we had already completed a week of ministry together. We were unified. Rather we were functioning in our strengths as a team, and all knew exactly why were were together for the following week. Another strong point was the tenacity at which the believers in Parnu engaged the outreach. They were a part of everything. We were totally dependent on the Parnu church in many regards. They were creative, and improvised, adapted and overcame many obstacles (i.e. transportation, sound equipment, communication, etc.). The Estonians prepared a dance for the outreach that blew all of us away! We all matched each other because we were all rising in unity to the mission of Christ.

The unity that we had together (Pasadena, Kristiansand, and Parnu) was profound. The relationships that we had are what took “center stage” for the outreach, and it is what people were attracted to. We were able to truly serve together. Dave Pinkston and the band really waged war on the streets in worship. Dave raised the bar with regard to bringing worship to the streets of Parnu and calling each of us to worship openly in public. The Lord provided opportunities for us to encourage and equip the local worship team. They really stepped in and led the worship for our evening meetings with strength. Even though we had the band there, the local worshippers really became the focal point of leading their peers and fellow Estonians into worship and response to God.

Outreach Team to Estonia!

Today was the first official day of the outreach in Parnu, Estonia. Adam is currently there with a team of Norwegians from Kristiansand Foursquare, along with a team from Pasadena Foursquare (CA), and together they are serving and partnering with the local Foursquare church there in Parnu. Although the outreach started today, the whole group gathered together for 2 days of an intense boot camp. The purpose of this being to grow closer as a team, since the team is made up of 3 different cultures, to truly be unified through a common experience and to hear from the Lord and be knitted together as one body. I have had a few updates from Adam, as this year I am not directly apart of the outreach, and am currently home in Norway. From what I hear, things are going great and the group is functioning as a whole and every hour is being used to the fullest! More updates to come either from myself or from Adam when we returns to Norway. The outreach will continue this whole week so please continue to pray for the team as they are serving the local church and the local community of Parnu, Estonia!

Quart Festival Outreach July 09!!

For the 7th year in a row, we led a week long outreach to the city. It has been amazing this year. We are seeing answers to prayers that have been prayed for the past seven years. There are more churches involved now. Salem, one of the largest pentecostal churches in the city brought in a team of Norwegians to evangelize and then contacted our mutual friend, Hartvig, from Open Air Campaigners because they knew that we have been doing a lot of evangelism in the city. Between their church, Hartvig’s team, Pasadena Foursquare (our home church), and Kristiansand Foursquare, we had over 30 people! The Lord moved in a strong way, and Hartvig confirmed to everyone there that they are an answer to prayer because Kristiansand Foursquare and the Methodist church started partnering together 7 years ago, believing that God would lead other churches in the city to evanglelism in Kristiansand. Those prayers were fulfilled today! This is totally Norwegian-led this year. During the outreach, there were two people who received the Holy Spirit and seven youth who received Jesus! God was faithful to answer our prayers!

Finishing up 3 years…

On June 19th, Adam and I led our last youth group meeting here at the Kristiansand Foursquare Church. We were asked to step in as Youth Pastors 3 years ago and said yes because we believed God was telling us to do so. We knew that it would bring us closer to the congregation here at the church, as we serve their youth, and it has been a wonderful time of seeing much fruit in the lives of the youth. When we said yes we also knew that in 3 years God would raise up a Norwegian from the church here to become the youth pastor. And that´s what we have seen happen. Less than six months ago, one of the men who has consistently worked with us in the youth group, believed that God was calling him to step more into leadership with the youth. It was an answer to prayer and the best part about it is that he has been serving with us for the last 2 years and he is a Norwegian. We are very thankful for God´s timing and his faithfulness. The youth are in good hands with their new leader.

Yard Sale for the Estonia Team

On June 13th, the Estonia Team had its big yard sale to try to raise funds for the summer outreach to Estonia. With the help of the Kristiansand Foursquare church, they were able to get a lot of good furniture, computers, movies, cd´s, lamps, purses, clothes, shoes, books, strollers, etc…, and in the end alot was sold! Yard Sales always prove to be an all around blessing, both for the people getting rid of things they don´t need, and for the people who get to purchase “stuff” at a low cost. It was a great day and the funds raised will go towards the missions trip this summer.

Surprise you´re having a …

So we went to our ultrasound this past friday and everything is looking very healthy with the baby. I am farther along than I thought which is very exciting, and my due date has now been moved up to November 10th! Just starting my 6th month of pregnancy and feeling good. I actually have more energy in this month than I have in the previous ones. We also found out the gender of the baby and it´s a … girl!! We are very excited of course and when Ida found out she told us, “I knew it was going to be a baby girl!”

Youth Trip to Evje



The last weekend of May, we took our youth from the Kristiansand Foursquare church to Evje for two days. The city of Evje is about 1 hour away from Kristiansand and we rented a campsite that was right alongside of a river. The group of 40 was a combination of the Highschool Group and the J-12érs from our church, as well as the leaders from each group. We did a bunch of competitions throughout the day and gave out prizes for the team that won the most points. There were quite a few students that were invited by the youth of our church, and they joined in on all the events. Being by a river, gave us the opportunity to baptize three of our high schoolers, which was a very powerful time for the individuals as well as the group to participate in. Overall the weekend went great and it was good to celebrate the younger groups that we have in our church, as well as have time to share the word of God and worship together.

Heia Norge! Gratulerer med dagen!

family-pic-09On Sunday the 17th of May, we celebrated Norway´s Constitution Day, or Grunnlovsdagen. All across the country Norwegians gather together to participate and support each other in the celebration of their National Day. Each elementary school district arranges its own parade with marching bands which takes them through their community. The longest parade can be found in Oslo, where approx. 100,000 people travel to the city centre to participate in the days events. The Oslo parade includes over 100 schools, marching bands and goes in front of the royal palace where the royal family stands and waves from the balcony. However,back in Kristiansand our family celebrated the National Day in our own neighborhood. Ida was thrilled as this was her first time marching in the Justvik School Parade. She held her flag proudly and sang songs with the other kids. It was a special day to celebrate her Norwegian heritage! (Check out the new pics entitled “17th of May”, in the Photo Gallery section).

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