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Our Mission

“Missioneering” in Amsterdam

The world comes to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam goes to the world! This port city is a beautiful mix of diversity. It is known as a center for art and culture, and its’ people celebrate that! The people of Amsterdam are courageous, determined, and merciful. While some could interpret them as “liberal” or against the church, we believe that it’s their love for truth, beauty and kindness that will draw them to know the love of God, and be transformed by Him.

In collaboration with the Foursquare Church in Amsterdam North, our desire is to pioneer a “missional cafe.” The relationships that are formed will become a bridge for connecting people to Christ and into fellowship with His family. Together, we can serve the community through acts of kindness and artistic expression.

The diversity of the communities in Amsterdam creates endless possibilities to connect with people and create something new. It is not about what people can do for the church, or even what the church can do for the people. It is about what we can do together.

What is “Missioneering?”

Missioneering is a combination of three words: Mission, Pioneering, and Engineering.

Mission: Our shared commission given by Christ Himself. Christ is heaven’s missionary, and it is His mission that motivates us to love our community in the same way He has loved us.

Pioneering: The seed of the gospel can be planted in any context, whether overseas or in our own community, and when it is planted it transforms and redeems the soil around it. This gives way to new and creative expressions of the love of God that are as unique as the cultures they are formed in.

Engineering: The mission is not only about having an outward effect, but it is also meant to have a transforming effect on the church itself. The greatest innovations and expressions of Heaven on earth were creatively engineered in the context of the mission of Christ.

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