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IJlife Village 2014

This July, IJlife Village was AWESOME!  For those of you just joining us, IJlife Village is a party that we throw for the IJburg community, and it is all about creativity, connection, and community.  It is a service to people of all ages, as a safe place to create, celebrate, and build relationship as a community.  We were joined, for the 4th consecutive year, by a team of truly amazing youth from the Pasadena Foursquare Church!  But that’s not all, because this year we had an unprecedented momentum in our volunteer team.  This is mainly due to the fact that (weeks before IJlife Village) a team of youth from Amsterdam, led by our friends Ynse & Marieke de Vries, went from our church community to work along side the people of the Pasadena Foursquare Church, to serve three communities in Los Angeles, California.  Ynse & Marieke were inspired by the youth team that has come to help us here in Amsterdam in years past, and decided that they wanted to do the same thing, and take a team to serve in LA.  The Amsterdam youth served along side each of the youth from Pasadena who came over to join us this year.  This forged relationship and experience together for our IJlife Village team that was greater than we have ever experienced before.  We were also joined by some amazingly talented people from our church community here in Amsterdam, who led with creativity and passion.  Our long-time friend, Thomas, from Norway also flew over to jump in!  The result was an incredible group of volunteers and leaders from the Rafael Amsterdam Noord church community, working with amazing youth from Pasadena, to form one “awesome” (quoting the “Lego Movie” here), power-house of a team.

In the days before our event, Max Boyle (leader of the Pasadena team) and Ynse, led a “boot camp” for the youth of each of the teams.  This was a time of learning to trust one another as a team, and grow together, as you are pushed to your limits in different physical and mental challenges.  It was fantastic to see this level of relationship and collaboration between these leaders and volunteers from Amsterdam and Pasadena.  The power of unity is an amazing thing, and it is what made the atmosphere and acts of service possible for IJlife Village this year.

People working together in this way, is the best way to embody the love of God for people, and to create an atmosphere where that love is tangible.  That is exactly what we did!  We received great feedback from the people attending, who remarked at the atmosphere and whole-heartedness in which people served.  Many of our visitors expressed interest in continuing in relationship at open coffee and dinner nights in the Blue House, as well as other gatherings throughout the year.  We are so thankful for the wonderful people of IJburg, and the fantastic people who made this year possible!

Please take a lot at the photo gallery on this page to see what we did together during the days of IJlife Village…

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