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A Norwegian Reunion

In June, Adam was invited by our friend and National Leader of FSQ Norway, Erik Jensen, to join their national conference in Telemark, Norway.  Adam joined our friend Piet Brinksma (FSQ National Leader of Netherlands, and pastor of our church in Amsterdam), who was invited as the main speaker for the conference.  Joining Piet in this way, was a great “fusion” of our lives here in Amsterdam, and our years living in Norway — plus it was fun to introduce Piet to many of the things we love about Norway!  This was a wonderfully refreshing time of being reunited with old friends, and to meet some new ones.  It was also a chance to experience many of the things that we miss about this beautiful country: the warm, evening sun at 11 p.m., chocolate, coffee & friends, bruinost, the smell of fresh pine mixed with the sea air, beautiful mountains, and crystal clear lakes…  just to name a few.  This was the first time returning since our move from Kristiansand to Amsterdam, back in 2010.  This is a wonderful land, filled with even more wonderful people, and it was great to spend some time with them again!  Special thanks to Erik & Kirsten Jensen for your wonderful hospitality!!!

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