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Lent & Easter, 2014

The featured photo in this post was part of a collaborative effort, together with artists from the Pasadena Foursquare Church.  This piece was a composite photo, done by Adam, representing Station #3 “Jesus is Condemned to Death by the Sanhedrin.”  Sarah painted a piece for Station #9 “Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem.”  The rest of the pieces were done by artists from the Pasadena Foursquare Church community.  On Good Friday, we displayed each of the pieces as a slideshow, timed with music and scripture reading, for a 1.5 hour time of reflection on each of the Stations of the Cross.  We held this service in Het Blauwe Huis, and were joined by people from our IJlife team, our spiritual community, and friends from the neighborhood.  This was a beautiful time of silence to contemplate the truth that Jesus did not come just to suffer for humanity, but to enter into solidarity with our suffering.  In this way, his suffering, death, and resurrection become a path of hope and life through our own suffering.  Being together in this way, was a wonderful reminder that we are not alone in this process.

Names of the Stations & Artists:

1: Jesus in the Garden (Chris & Ed Martinez)
2: Judas Betrays Jesus (Sonja Philips)
3: Jesus Condemned to Death by the Sanhedrin (Adam Hartel)
4: Peter Denies Jesus (Eliza Mae Bower)
5: Jesus is Judged by Pilate (Armando Neito Soto III)
6: Jesus Beaten and Crowned with Thorns (Armando Neito Soto IV)
7: Jesus Bears His Cross (Aaron Martinez)
8: Simon Helps Carry Jesus’ Cross Kari Bower & Sonja Licata)
9: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem (Sarah Hartel)
10: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross Shawna Canavesio)
11: Jesus Promises His Kingdom to the Repentant Thief (Sonia Phillips)
12: Jesus Entrusts Mary & John to Eachother (Susan & Madison Soto)
13: Jesus Dies on the Cross (Gabe Patricio)
14a: Jesus Laid in the Tomb (Sierra Tavani)
14b: Jesus Laid in the Tomb (Andy Phillips)

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