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Being Community: Monthly Dinners in Het Blauwe Huis

Our monthly “buurt buffet” (translated: neighborhood buffet) open cafe times in Het Blauwe Huis, have continued to be wonderful times of connecting with and becoming more aware of the wonderful people in our neighborhood.  Each month, we send an open invitation for anyone living on IJburg to bring a dinner to share and enjoy an evening of food, fun, and friendship.  This has become an opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity on IJburg, with homemade meals of Dutch, Indonesian, Indian, Italian, and American origin (just to name a few)!  Together, we add value to our neighborhood, when we each take responsibility to get to know one another, and become a part of each other’s story.  Since we began these meals a year ago, we have also seen many regulars who have also gotten involved in other initiatives such as our dance classes, IJlife Village, weekly times of silence and meditation, as well as our “life group” – a small spiritual community who gather each month.

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