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Blue House Jazz

Last summer I discovered that there is a building full of international students from the Amsterdam Music Conservatory right next to my apartment building.  Being a musician, I really wanted to meet some of these guys.  This fall, I met a couple of students from Korea on the tram who were interested to see what we could do together in the Blue House.  This let to meeting up with several students and planning a small concert for friends on Friday, October 25th.  I was able to share with the band a little about what we do in the Blue House to connect people in the community around common interests, and they graciously agreed to play!  I was able to thank them with a great Mexican dinner before the concert.  We all had a great time together, and the band is interested to do it again!

Our volunteers and I had fun making cappuccinos for our guests, while the band played some swingin’ jazz standards… it felt like a real cafe!

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